Channeling the identity of a county through its most international Embassador


Type Design & Wayfinding Design


Osasuna Football club is the football team of Pamplona. They have been gradually modernizing their communications and marketing department in the last years. In 2020, after the reconstruction of their old stadium, they contacted us with a simple yet ambitious briefing: they wanted to articulate their identity around a new typeface that would cover from the website to the t-shirts and the stadium. Osasuna's head of communication did not limit the scope of the project, but somehow he had the intuition of the potential and the possibilities that a typeface could bring to the club.

Our answer was an All Caps font that acts as a bridge in between the expressive needs of a football club and the culture and tradition of Navarra. Navarra is a county that shares some of the cultural heritage of traditional vasque lettering but the majority of the population do not speak vasque. By balancing this reality with precision, Osasuna's new identity positions the club as an embassador of the region as never before.

We developped two versions of the font, one with more conventional proportions intended for social media and corporate uses, and a second version for the squad jerseys. We also developped several sets of numerals to make sure that the wayfinding design was efficient in terms of font proportion and space use. We then supported the club in the design of the stadium's signage.


CA Osasuna

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Paladar Negro Graphics Art Direction